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Complete credit to leafo-flameo for the original pun.  Created this mock up to share with folks over Facebook. 


Complete credit to leafo-flameo for the original pun.  Created this mock up to share with folks over Facebook. 

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i still don’t understand how disney can have some of the most skilled artists in the industry working for them and yet keep churning out the same design for their female characters. i know individually these artists are capable of designing amazing things. so how is it they have so much trouble diverging from the same basic face, eye, nose, and mouth shapes in their female characters? is it someone higher up directing them towards this generic style? is it marketing saying they can only sell girls with tiny noses? is it internalized sexism in all of them creating a very narrow definition of animated female beauty? i just don’t understand why we need to keep having this conversation when i KNOW there’s some amazing talent working on these movies…

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But seriously, a brief rundown of the comic (2008)

  • It’s boring
  • The story is there’s something that controls people to make them do bad things and there was an explosion off the coast of New York and for some reason they have to go to a school when half of them are grown adults well out of even high school…hood.
  • it’s racist
  • and since it’s so boring they had to sexuality Honey and Gogo really weirdly
  • and Gogo has no personality
  • the only one who has less personality is Hiro
  • Honey has one but it’s fake and saccharine a lot of the times. Sometimes it’s kind of okay, but rarely. 
  • Wasabi is probably the best one there.
  • Baymax looks terrifying. Honestly, he wouldn’t be out of place in the cartoon Artemis Fowl movie as Butler. He talks like him too.
  • Actually i’m not sure if he somehow got lost from the AF graphic novels.
  • does that mean they should have changed everyone from Japanese?
  • No
  • but Disney is well and truly rescuing that concept and story and making it not icky and generally - shit.
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Further Musings on Big Hero 6


So I get where people are coming from saying that we shouldn’t give so much consideration to the white washing of Big Hero 6, since the comic was pretty dang racist and a very big example of orientalism in the comic book industry. I can definitely see where they’re coming from, saying they would rather a mixed-race cast that succeeds more than a straight adaptation.

However Disney could have still kept the ethnicities of the characters intact, kept the setting as Tokyo, maybe altered some of the names to be less fetishistic of Japanese and Asian culture, and then made their own story BASED on the comic’s events but without any of the stereotypes and cliches and pitched it that way.

White washing is still white washing. It’s still erasure. Even if the movie ends up being a great example of a mixed race cast teaming up together, they still completely changed those characters to be white, so I have zero inclination to watch it.

And that makes me really upset and mad.

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Deedee Magno / Zach Callison – How to Be Strong (In A Real Way) (48,174 plays)
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pearl for katy farina’s twit collab!


pearl for katy farina’s twit collab!


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It’s really weird to me that people are choosing Big Hero 6 as the hill to die on when it comes to whitewashing and POC representation.

We’re literally talking about a movie based on a comic series that was lightweight fetishistic Orientalist garbage for a lot of its run.

It literally had a villain that was the embodiment of those who died during the A-bomb attacks who wanted to blow Japan back to an age of conservative traditional values.

And people are laser-focused on the Honey Lemon whitewashing in particular when the actual comic book implied that Honey Lemon, while being Japanese, had either body-swapped or transformed into a blonde white woman. (Look it up. Pictures that show a pre-Honey Lemon Aiko Miyazaki as being a typical dark-haired Japanese woman with completely different features).

Yes, be critical about what’s right in front of you, but please do all your research and include all relevant information before choosing to make something your platform for certain issues.

I just feel like the people who are talking about this have the best intentions but are going about it in a way that’s not totally conducive to the actual outcome they desire.

Anyway, we now return to our regular scheduled broadcast. 

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Big Hero 6 - Full Trailer [x]


Big Hero 6 - Full Trailer [x]

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lol so instead of us getting an all asian cast for the first time Disney has to racebend 3 of the 5 characters (two made white like) wow where was this need to make characters diverse before this movie (frozen?? tangled???)

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Palestine overcometh

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cant we all just get along

cant we all just get along

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